Omnichannel Customer Care Software for Telecom

Our Q-Flow platform offers software for telecom that creates a seamless connection between the primary contact centers and the distributed network of stores and service locations.

The Q-Flow platform enables consistent customer experience as the business responds to customer needs and requests that are incoming across multiple channels: physical (people arriving in stores), and all sorts of digital interactions and communications.

With Q-Flow, a single interface supports scheduling of store appointments, video calls, and call-backs from the call center; a single business logic engine drives customer-centric processes that span emails, chat, form-filling, and face-to-face conversation.


Benefits of Our Omnichannel Solution for Telecom:

  • Improve customer service by presenting your staff with the 360-degree picture of your customers, including all their requests, communications, visits, and appointments.
  • Reduce IT costs by having a single system handle multiple digital channels as well as in-branch customer flow management.
  • Provide management with cross-channel analysis of customer behavior, agent performance, and other stats.

Unique Advantages of Our Omnichannel Experience in Telecom:

  • The only software platform handling both digital and physical customer flow and communications.
  • Supporting both retail and customer service processes.
  • A single solution that handles both operational aspects of customer care (routing, queuing, scheduling etc.) and experiential aspects (customer engagement, quality of service, customer satisfaction and so on).


Main Features and Software Modules Included:

  • Our appointment scheduling software, enabling customers and staff to book appointments for both face-to-face meetings as well as video or phone calls.
  • Our customer flow management software, enabling queuing and routing of store visitors, video and phone callers, and incoming multi-channel messages.
  • Our online forms system, enabling quick and easy creation of either public or personal (targeting specific customers) forms, to collect information or request customer feedback.
  • Our workflow software, enabling full or partial automation of routing and responding to customer requests.

News & Events

  • Q-nomy's Q-Flow Helps Northampton Borough Council Streamline Customer Service Center Operations 2021-01-19
  • Q-nomy’s Q-Flow® Selected by U.K.’s National Health Service for COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign 2020-12-10
  • Pangea Acquires NIP, Becomes Q-Nomy Partner In Africa 2020-10-05
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