This is Queue Management, Why do you keep calling it "Customer Experience"?

When asked what Q-nomy does, I usually reply that we do customer experience management software, which includes operational components that enable the customer's journey (or the journey of their requests) through the customer service pipelines. We also do content delivery, personalized and delivered to customers on this journey through a variety of digital channels.

It is an accurate reflection of our reality and it can be backed up by many businesses who actually went ahead implementing Q-nomy's solutions; however for a newcomer to the Q-nomy world, this might seem to be an overstatement. Sometimes people trying to comprehend what is it that Q-nomy actually does think a moment and then say "oh, so you do queue management don't you?". Isn't that an anti-climax…

The thing is, queue management is like the tip of the iceberg of what we do. And the tip of the iceberg is usually its lighter part (otherwise it would tip over, wouldn't it? I hope so, that makes a nice metaphor for the point I'm trying to make). There's much heavier stuff going on beneath the surface, and inside a full-blown Q-nomy solution there would be a great amount of business logic and interfaces and data processing going on. Of course, if you are a polar bear looking for a nice spot to sunbathe, you really don't care much what's underneath, and likewise people who visit a store or service center really do find the queue management elements to be the more visible, or tangible, part of what we do - alongside digital signage – which is often inseparable from the queue management system anyway. I guess that is why it's easy to think that queue management is really the essence of what we do.

So is it wrong to say that we do queue management software? Well not really. We started out as a QMS (queue management system) provider, and that module contributed the "Q" to the Q-nomy name; therefore queues are part of our DNA. For some of our clients, it still is a major part of our offering. And certainly for businesses where customers spend more time waiting in line than actually interacting with staff members, much of the customer experience is queuing. So yes, we're happy to be leading providers of QMS and enable businesses to handle their queues properly, with the smart bits like priorities and load-balancing and personalized routing.

However we always remember that the primary goal is to deliver a complete, holistic, customer experience. We look after customer communications, because we know properly conveyed messages can overcome delays in service lines. We plunge into resource optimization, because more efficient use of store resources will streamline service. We focus on appointment scheduling because, well, what better way to improve waiting in line than not having to wait at all?

Q-nomy's clients know our software becomes broader in scope every year and with every version. Because despite our queue management being, quite frankly, so full-featured there is hardly any way left to upgrade it, there is no limit to how new applications and new technologies can further enhance the customer experience.

So in a nutshell, that's why we call it "Customer Experience"…

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