Q-Apps and the Q-Market

With Q-Flow, Q-nomy has created the most powerful software platform in the industry for managing omnichannel customer journeys, experiences, and customer service back-office processes.

It is a platform built for continuous evolution and expansion. The most effective means of extending the functionality of Q-Flow is by deploying Q‑Apps, and the best place to find Q‑Apps – is the Q‑Market.



Q-Apps are software packages that can contain Q-Flow scripts, templates, procedures, pre-defined configurations, and any other type of data that defines how Q-Flow would work.

A Q-App may provide anything from minor tools with limited scope, to major applications that enhance the system's capabilities in significant ways. Some Q-Apps are tailored to very specific scenarios, while others can benefit many types of customers.

Q-Apps simplify the deployment of new modules onto customer sites. They enable a structured process for testing new applications, migrating them between environments, and if needed – rolling back.

More than any other unique feature of Q-Flow, it is Q-Apps that set it apart from other customer journey management products. The extensibility and flexibility provided by Q-Apps make Q-Flow a truly unlimited platform, ready for whatever the future (or present) may bring.



Q-nomy's Q-Market is where Q-Apps can be published and made available to all Q‑Flow users. While some Q‑Apps are only sold through channel partners or directly to customers with particular needs, we aim to make as many Q‑Apps as possible available on the Q‑Market.

You can browse the Q-Market and search for Q‑Apps based on category, compatibility with specified Q‑Flow versions, newness, rating, and of course – price. If you're a registered user of the Q‑Market, you may download and install free Q‑Apps on your Q‑Flow server. Some Q‑Apps require purchase, though.



We encourage our channel and technology partners to develop Q-Apps, and to distribute them through the Q-Market. While Q-nomy continuously produces new applications for Q-Flow and expands the marketplace, we believe in the power of our partner community to innovate, as well as to create solutions that cater to the business needs of their local customers.

It is our partners' ability to realize Q-Flow's potential through Q-Apps, which turns the Q‑Flow ecosystem into such a powerhouse of advanced customer service solutions.


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