Personal Advertising with Tickets

Personal Advertising with Tickets

Branch offices today are the realm of Digital Signage Systems. The case for Integrating Queue Management and Digital Signage Systems is clear, as multimedia systems advertise products and services, and convey the brand image to the audience in the waiting area, in an impressive and effective way.

However, printed advertising also has highly important merits, which must be considered. The following article describes the effect printed communication has when combined with video contents. It further describes how Q-Flow® helps optimize this combination.


It’s easy to see that the addition of printed communication to video contents has significantly positive effects. Q-Flow helps businesses maximize this effect by identifying customers that come to the branch office, personalizing the printed ads, and keeping them coordinated with multimedia ads in the waiting area.

Businesses that have implemented Q-Flow Branch Campaign Management report impressive results. One business, a cellular company, reported a near 400% (!) increase in sales of phone accessories following a printed ad campaign. This incredible figure is clearly the effect of Q-Flow, as no other parameter has changed in the retail environment.

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