Optimizing the Customer Experience With Planner

Optimizing the Customer Experience With Planner

Q-Flow® Planner is an optional component, which can be integrated with Q Flow versions 5.1 and up in order to plan agent staffing. It was designed specifically for services provided by multiple agents having similar skills (such as bank tellers, general service agents at a cellular company’s customer service center, medical secretaries at a large medical unit, and so on).

This product has several potential uses, contributing to the three major branch management elements on which Q-nomy focuses: reducing branch operation costs, improving the service level, and increasing sales in the branches. This article describes these uses in detail.

Using Q-Flow Planner to Boost Sales

On top of all the issues that were discussed in this document, Q-Flow Planner also has the potential to boost sales in the branch.

Branch sales may be conducted at the front desks, as part of the queue management process, or in the back office – via telemarketing or customer data reclamation for the marketing departments. The branch may also handle other activities that produce income for the organization, such as contacting customers with outstanding bills or customer retention activities.

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