Online and Mobile Appointment Scheduling

Online and Mobile Appointment Scheduling

Many businesses, such as clinics, banks and telecoms, use Q-nomy's Q-Flow® Calendar to set up appointments between customers and agents.

Allowing customers to schedule appointments offers many benefits: it enables quicker service, shorter lines, and greater agent efficiency. Moreover, where meetings present sales opportunities, it allows agents to prepare and increase their success rates.

Traditionally, scheduling an appointment would involve a conversation between the customer and a secretary or a call center agent. However, building a self-service online or mobile application to allow customers to manage their appointments could be much more efficient. This article highlights some aspects of this topic.

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Building an Effective Scheduling Application

The self-service application is intended to save the customer's time. Untidy GUI, slow responses or complicated design would deter the customer. A neat application that is easy to use would increase the proportion of customers choosing it over speaking to an agent.


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