Self Service Scheduling Software for Government Offices

Q-nomy’s appointment scheduling software for government offices and governmental institutions increases customer satisfaction and staff productivity by optimizing scheduling and work. It is based on measurable parameters to ensure service levels are met per local or federal policies.

Our self service scheduling software provides customers with online and mobile self-service appointment booking. Scheduled appointments are based on customer and office location, and take into account agent skills and availability, as well as by service type and number of visiting customers for the same service. For example, when a family of 5 needs to issue new passports (Requires integration with Q-nomy’s BPM Solution).

Q-nomy appointment scheduling software for governmental institutions is part of our suite of solutions for municipal and governmental authorities intended to increase staff productivity when engaging customers and handling visitor requests and cases.

Benefits of Solution:

  • Maximizes appointment scheduling potential by providing an easy-to-use, unified scheduling platform for all customer experience channels, including self-service.
  • Reduces operational costs through a streamlined scheduling process and improved agent efficiency.
  • Increases customer satisfaction and experience through easy-to-use self-service scheduling that considers agent skills and availability for the required service.
  • Ensures consistency in the matching of customers and requests to specific agents, in the messages and instructions conveyed to visitors prior their arrival to an appointment, and in the preparation of agents for their appointments.
  • Adds value when agents are required to meet performance benchmarks as part of local or federal policies.  

Unique advantages of our Government Appointment Scheduling Software:

  • The central server can be scaled up from a single point-of-service to any number of offices or visitors customer-base.
  • Rapid deployment of self-service scheduling, can be hosted on a secured private or public cloud, on premise or as a hybrid installation.
  • Integrates with CRM and ERP systems to maximize benefit to customers and improve civil service agent performance.
  • Easy maintenance: the system can be configured remotely via a secured web connection, no need to install software at agent counters.
  • Complete flexibility to match any service and process requirement.


Main Features:

  • Appointment scheduling software for setting up, configuring, and managing agent calendars and resource availability.
  • Can be implemented as Q-nomy's Visit Management App that offers mobile users the option to schedule and check in for appointments, locate offices, and displays queue information in addition to other functions.
  • Administrator interface for configuring working hours, capacity, overbooking, appointment types and duration, calendar ownership, access and management permissions, and more.
  • Calendar owner interface for opening and closing calendars, managing changes in agents’ schedules, rescheduling appointment blocks and so forth.
  • Per office interface for scheduling appointments and reviewing appointments scheduled for the office through other channels.
  • Role based view of customer data gathered from 3rd party applications.
  • Call center agent interface for nationwide scheduling based on customer requests and location.
  • Web interface – customizable self-service web interface that allows online appointment scheduling by customers, using the enterprise website or a Q‑nomy hosted web server, which can be integrated into your website's office locator and online campaigns.
  • Locking mechanism – prevents double booking of same time slot by requests from different channels.
  • Automated reminders – sends customer reminders, including appointment details, preparation instructions, links for cancellations or re-scheduling and other actions. These reminders can be printed when scheduling the appointment, or emailed/sent as an SMS afterwards/a few hours before the appointment.
  • Appointment data integration with Microsoft Exchange/Outlook.
  • Scalable to any number of offices, departments, services and agents.
  • All configuration settings are parameter-based, require no programming, are done via remote secured web connection and affect all offices and locations immediately.
  • Additional programming that enables enhanced business logic and smarter interfaces is embedded as scripts – never altering the basic product code, which minimizes test procedures, speeds up development and ensures a rapid response to business needs.
  • All user interfaces are web-based, easy to use and linked to online contextual help pages.


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