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    • Date Jun. 13, 2022
    The Customer Journey Hub: Q-Flow Virtual Lobby

    The Virtual Lobby is a mini-site that looks similar to a mobile application. It provides an environment of a waiting room for customers who booked an appointment and are waiting to receive the service...

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    • Date May 18, 2022
    Our Recipe for Perfection: Scheduling, With a Side of Visit Management

    As the retail industry grows and advances, the need for a solution that encompasses each aspect of a customer journey becomes more and more necessary. Most retail businesses have added some sort of appointment scheduling tool to their arsenal, but that is no longer enough to sustain and track their progress.

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    • Date Oct. 01, 2020
    Safety Measures That Will Boost Your Customer Experience Long After The Pandemic

    Most service providers are now taking steps to reopen their customer service locations or shops under the strict regulations of public health and social distancing. When examined closely, it becomes apparent many of these steps make sense from a business perspective regardless of the current constraints.

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    • Date Jul. 22, 2020
    The New Normal in Queue Management

    While most of the world is still somewhere in-between lock-down and re-opening, we turn our eyes to the future to ask: what will be the new normal for customer service, after the dust has settled? In this post, we'll focus on one aspect of service center operation, which is queuing.

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    • Date May 20, 2020
    Reopening Stores and Service Centers, Safely

    Stores and service centers are now starting to reopen. Businesses and consumers are concerned that required safety measures would render the new customer experience unpleasant. Technology, such as Customer Journey Optimization, can help alleviate some of these fears.

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    • Date Feb. 02, 2017
    Welcome, Q-Flow 6: A New Suite of Software Products

    We've been preparing you for the launch of Q-Flow 6 since November last year, and now it is finally happening! And it's not just one product – today we are actually launching a whole new family of products. Yes, Q-Flow has become so big that we cannot fit its many functions and capabilities into just one product...

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    • Date Sep. 06, 2016
    Appointment Scheduling is Only Half The Solution

    Many retail businesses nowadays add appointment scheduling to their customer experience offering. These businesses rightfully assume that scheduled visits support resource planning, resulting in more efficient resource utilization. And, it makes their customers happier with shorter wait times and more focused interactions. However, a solution comprising appointment scheduling alone is like a meal without the main course: good, but not satisfactory.

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    • Date Jun. 11, 2015

    Providing a software solution for banks might seem like a daunting task, especially when the issue at hand is customer experience and service. Phrases like 'customer data' and 'systems integration' spring to mind, followed by 'information security' and 'oh no, how much is this going to cost us?'

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    • Date May 06, 2015

    After more than a decade of operating strictly as a B2B vendor, delivering enterprise software solutions, the growing use of Q-nomy's "myVisit" mobile app is bringing us closer than ever to consumers. And even though our clients are still the businesses – once these businesses offer the app to their end-customers, we become part of the B2B2C chain, whether we want it or not. And yes, we want it!

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    • Date May 04, 2015

    When asked what Q-nomy does, I usually reply that we do customer experience management software, which includes operational components that enable the customer's journey (or the journey of their requests) through the customer service pipelines. We also do content delivery, personalized and delivered to customers on this journey through a variety of digital channels.

    It is an accurate reflection of our reality and it can be backed up by many businesses who actually went ahead implementing Q-nomy's solutions; however for a newcomer to the Q-nomy world, this might seem to be an overstatement. Sometimes people trying to comprehend what is it that Q-nomy actually does think a moment and then say "oh, so you do queue management don't you?". Isn't that an anti-climax…

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