Virtual Lobby 2.1 Is More Than Just Another Release

The word "Queue" may seem like it's just the letter "Q" followed by four silent letters, but in reality, they're just waiting for their turn. 

As versions of Q-Flow advance, so do all the modules that complement it. Our most recent and exciting release is Virtual Lobby v2.1 (and associated Q-Apps). This new version works on Q-Flow 6.3+ as well as the OmniService Q-Apps. You're probably asking yourself, "what could be so new here?" Well, video meetings using Omni-Services and MS-Teams can now be held with Embedded Video! Of course, the feature is optional because you need Azure Communication Services and the Omni ACS Q-App, but in the words of Neil Armstrong, "that is a small step for man, but a giant leap for mankind." 

The Virtual Lobby pages were modified with the intent to meet popular mobile device dimensions. Also, customized popups may optionally play an audio sound when an agent starts a video call. Embedded video is an incredible feature that will add ease of use in direct contact with the service provider, without having to switch between browser tabs for both the customer and the agent, which will create a more convenient and user-friendly experience.

On the service provider side, the organization can configure authentication requirements, identification fields, validation requests, etc.

On the customer side, the individual can cancel appointments, check-in remotely, and click to reschedule, if necessary, by redirecting you to the website's external booking page. In addition, customers can re-queue themselves if late or absent. 

The Q-Flow Virtual Customers Portal and the Public Connector are also now separated, enhancing flexibility by adopting MEF technology with separate extensions. What makes this a vast improvement is the ability to customize your own business logic, using your own extensions, allowing you to use it as an infrastructure to any landing page or website working with Q-Flow.

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