Resource and Staff Scheduling Solution

Q-nomy’s appointment scheduling solution is based on resource and staff availability, as well as customer requests and preferences. This sets it apart from most other appointment scheduling tools.

Not only that, our advanced Resource and Staff Scheduling Solution handles walk-in visitors the same way, ensuring resource and staff availability even when an unscheduled customer is served.

Our advanced scheduling solution factors in any requirement and rule, thus when your customers arrive they are guaranteed to receive optimal service.

For healthcare providers this is important in the case of operating room scheduling optimization, as Q-nomy’s scheduling solution factors patient, theater, personnel and equipment availability to maximize asset value and performance.

Retailers can make sure customers are scheduling visits to stores only when their satisfaction is assured, by basing appointment scheduling on Q-nomy’s ability to optimize inventory, staff and required skills.

Managing resource allocation with Q-nomy’s Resource and Staff Scheduling Solution lets you optimize customer service, staff performance and resource utilization, as well as gather actionable data to support planning and budgeting.

Q-nomy’s Resource and Staff Scheduling Solution is part of our advanced customer experience optimization solution and BPM product line.


Benefits and Advantages

Benefits of Solution:

  • Increases sales and performance by optimizing customer service, staff and resource allocation.
  • Reduces operation costs through streamlined scheduling and workflow.
  • Provides better customer experience by minimizing wait time and speeding up service delivery in any kind of industry.

Unique advantages of Q‑nomy Experience Integration:

  • Complete omni-channel, resource optimization based appointment scheduling, off-the-shelf solution, is a unique industry leading solution.
  • Planning is based on real data about customer flow, staff performance and resource utilization, so that you can make the most from every customer visit and any asset.

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