Q-nomy Launches Cubu, the Simplest All-in-One Customer Journey Solution for Businesses of All Sizes

Q-nomy has launched Cubu™, its latest product that combines appointment scheduling, customer flow management, and customer interaction management in one integrated solution. Cubu is available as a SaaS solution and is the simplest and most intuitive all-in-one customer journey solution for businesses of all sizes.

Cubu provides a single platform for managing all customer interactions, whether they occur in-person, over video, or through other digital channels. The product enables businesses to schedule appointments, manage customer flow, and interact with customers through digital signage, e-tickets, text messages, and other communication channels. Cubu also includes workflow automation capabilities, allowing businesses to automate processes and adapt to changing business needs with ease. The product's true omnichannel support and codeless automation of business processes make it a simple and smart way to manage customer engagement.

Cubu is designed to be simple and intuitive for businesses of all sizes, and is available as a SaaS solution. To learn more about Cubu please visit https://www.cubu.com/ 

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