Q-Flow Exchange Bridge

Q-nomy's Q-Flow eXchange Bridge (QXB) provides reliable, out-of-the-box, two-way integration between Q-Flow Calendar server and Microsoft Exchange (whether cloud-based or on-premise).

QXB lets staff continue using Microsoft Outlook the way they're used to. Users can manage their availability by blocking out timeslots on their calendar without having to access Q-Flow administration screens. They can schedule or view their appointments on either Q-Flow or Outlook.


Benefits and Advantages

Benefits of QXB:

  • Accelerate new users' learning curve when the organization adopts Q-Flow scheduling
  • Reduce the cost of implementing customer appointments in service centers and across the organization
  • Calendar users no longer need to switch between Outlook and Q-Flow applications when attending both internal and customer appointments


Unique Advantages of QXB:

  • Integration is based on server interfaces, and requires no local plug-in installation
  • Features real-time, two-way synchronization of calendars so that users can see their current appointments and availability on both Q-Flow and Outlook
  • Enables service providers to use Outlook's familiar interface while benefiting from Q-Flow's sophisticated business logic in the backend.


Main Features

  • Real-time importing of appointments scheduled using Outlook, into the Calendar application
  • Real-time export of appointments scheduled using the Calendar application, into Exchange/Outlook
  • Supporting both on-premise Exchange Server, and Office 365
  • Supporting environments comprising multiple Exchange Servers
  • Importing and exporting resource calendar events (such as rooms or equipment required for customer appointments) in addition to personal appointments


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