Q-nomy conference 2018 select moments (3): Q-Flow 6.2

To conclude this series of posts on the Q-nomy annual conference held in November 2018, we’ll cover the announcement of Q-Flow 6.2, the latest addition to the Q-Flow 6 family.

Q-Flow 6.2 is an important evolution in two key directions. First and foremost, Q-Flow 6.2 is optimized for cloud deployment, in line with market expectations and our status as a Microsoft Cloud Partner.

The second key direction is delivering a new level of customer-centric business process optimization, at the cutting edge of the enterprise software industry. This is achieved by the version’s wide range of enhancements and added features. These are funneled to create a tighter and more powerful integration between Q-Flow BPM functionality and CIM.

The commercial launch of Q-Flow 6.2 is planned for January 2019. In the meantime we’ve provided our partners with a preview / developers edition, to learn the new product and prepare for the official release.

To see some of the highlights of the new release, take a look at the following video: