Q-nomy conference 2018 select moments (2): The Partners Community

We try to choose our partners the same way we choose our employees: based on their skills and motivation, indeed, but also – based on their character and attitude. Much has been said about the importance of internal coherence in corporate culture to ensure the optimal performance of businesses; we believe such coherence is just as important in our business relations with our partners and in the business relations created between our partners.

Pictured above are some of the representatives our partners sent to the Q-nomy annual conference earlier this month, and as you can see the smiles are genuine. We provided entertainment, good food and a good time, but it appears that the event’s biggest success was simply having them all in one room sharing ideas, mouthing concerns, celebrating each other's success stories, and enjoying their belongingness to the Q-nomy partners' community.

One aspect of this community is Q-nomy's active involvement in promoting partner-to-partner cooperation, even when such cooperation does not directly contribute to Q-nomy's bottom line. Some of our partners are engaged in activities other than sales and implementation of Q-nomy software, so this is not obvious, yet we feel that if a partner can benefit in any of its other lines of business thanks to matches made inside our community, then somewhere there’s a reward for us too. Even if it’s nothing more than a good feeling.

If you’re a successful software reseller or integrator, looking to partner with the global leader in advanced omnichannel customer-journey, customer-experience, and customer-centric BPM software, you're invited to join our partners' community! Do so by contacting us today.