Q-nomy Announces Q-Flow Virtual Lobby for Omnichannel Customer Service Centers

Q-nomy Inc. announces the addition of a Virtual Lobby application to its Q-Flow software platform.

The Virtual Lobby provides a secure, personal space for customers waiting for a service appointment in-store, over video, or on any other digital channel. The application, accessible from any mobile phone or tablet, can be fully and easily customized to the service provider's business needs and style guide.

Customers using the Virtual Lobby would be able to schedule, view or cancel future appointments, and to check in to a current appointment. Joining a FIFO waiting line for unscheduled customer service interactions is also supported. While waiting, customers can follow their progress in the virtual queue until they get called for service, at which point the application switches over to the appropriate digital conversation channel.

The new Virtual Lobby is now available to new and existing users of Q-nomy's Q-Flow omnichannel customer journey management software.

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