Q-Flow 5 dot … no wait, it's 6!

A few days ago we announced the next version of Q-Flow is coming, and it's going to be called V6. It is a brand new family of Q-Flow products, the first since the introduction of Q-Flow 5.0 back in 2008. This milestone deserves a few words, even more than that — it deserves a celebration!

Version 5 is still working hard and will continue to serve customers until 2018, and perhaps later. Considering that its development started in 2007 it definitely has had a respectable lifespan, evidence of its superb engineering, robustness and scalability.

But now, at the end of 2016, the world is definitely ready for a new software platform from Q-nomy: one that catches up and smooths out some aging tell-tale signs such as the UI, and takes it up a notch or two. Or three.

So what makes this a V6 rather than another 5.x? Well it's not because we ran out of single-digit version notations after V5.9… No, Q-Flow 6 indeed boasts a few very significant changes from previous releases.

The most fundamental enhancement to the platform is the concept of Q-Flow Apps. Whereas customization projects in previous versions of Q-Flow may have been a loose combination of configuration settings, scattered scripts, UI templates and so on, V6 projects are packaged as Apps. Each project is tested, delivered, installed, and overall managed as a single item, ensuring its integrity throughout the process.

Another key enhancement in V6.0 is that Q-nomy BPM is taking a quantum leap forward with the introduction of Connect II and Online Forms, together forming what we call "BPM 2 CIM" – an intelligent, powerful tool for connecting customers via enriched Customer Interaction Management channels, to the business processes handling them. The resulting transparency and customer engagement are unprecedented.

And there's more! In the ~10 weeks remaining before the official release of Q-Flow 6 we will be sharing more information about this exciting new software on this blog and on other channels. Stay tuned, and enjoy this preview video!