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Q-nomy releases new version of Q-Flow platform

Published on
October 30, 2016
Q-nomy releases new version of Q-Flow platform

Q-Flow v.5.9 Launch - What's New?

Q-nomy Inc., a leading provider of walk-in customer journey management software, proudly announces the official launch of Q-Flow v.5.9—a significant milestone in retail experience management. Building on the successes of previous releases, Q-Flow v.5.9 introduces a host of capabilities designed to enhance its advanced enterprise appointment scheduling and customer routing modules. Notably, this release places a special emphasis on customer-service BPM (business process management) and customer communications, aligning with Q-nomy's commitment to elevating the customer experience.

One standout feature in Q-Flow v.5.9 is the introduction of the "Q-Flow Connect" module. This innovative addition provides a unified interface for viewing, managing, and automating the exchange of information with customers, covering their journey from pre-visit to post-visit interactions at a customer service branch.

Q-Flow v.5.9: Revolutionizing Customer-Service BPM and Communications

In its pursuit of enhancing customer-centric operations, Q-Flow v.5.9 places a distinct emphasis on the elevation of customer-service BPM (Business Process Management) and communications. This latest release introduces a groundbreaking addition—the "Q-Flow Connect" module—a transformative feature that simplifies and optimizes the exchange of vital customer information.

Streamlining Customer Information Exchange

The "Q-Flow Connect" module is at the heart of this transformation. It acts as a unifying interface, seamlessly managing the flow of information between businesses and their customers. This innovative module streamlines communication not only during the customer's visit but extends its benefits to both pre-visit and post-visit interactions.

Before the Visit: Anticipating Customer Needs

Prior to a customer's visit to a service branch, the "Q-Flow Connect" module enables businesses to anticipate their needs effectively. It provides a platform for gathering necessary information, allowing organizations to tailor their services and prepare in advance, ensuring a smoother customer experience.

During the Visit: Real-Time Interaction

During the customer's visit, this module facilitates real-time interactions. It empowers businesses to engage with customers promptly, respond to queries efficiently, and address any concerns immediately. This not only enhances customer satisfaction but also contributes to operational efficiency.

After the Visit: Ensuring Follow-Up

Post-visit interactions are equally crucial in the customer journey. The "Q-Flow Connect" module ensures that businesses can seamlessly follow up with customers, gather feedback, and provide any necessary information or support, all contributing to a lasting positive impression.

In summary, Q-Flow v.5.9's "Q-Flow Connect" module represents a significant leap in customer-service BPM and communications. It aligns with Q-nomy's commitment to holistic customer experience management by offering a comprehensive solution that covers every aspect of the customer journey, from anticipation and interaction to post-visit engagement. This innovation underscores Q-nomy's dedication to enhancing customer experiences and streamlining operations for businesses across various industries.

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