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Q-nomy launches Q-flow insight customer journey intelligence

Published on
March 23, 2016
Q-nomy launches Q-flow insight customer journey intelligence

Q-nomy Inc., a leading global provider of physical and digital customer experience optimization solutions, today announced it has launched Q-Flow® Insight, its customer journey intelligence solution. Q-Flow Insight enables retailers and service providers to gain actionable insights by analyzing omni-channel customer journeys, spanning physical stores and online and mobile platforms. Q-Flow Insight was recently installed at a leading retailer that has over 2500 stores and a strong online presence.

Until now, valuable data generated by the customer journey across channels was processed in vertical business intelligence systems, and a complete, cross-channel view was hard to achieve. Q-Flow Insight lets retailers map and optimize the customer journey across all channels in a single solution that costs less than homegrown BI systems or tailored tools.

Q-Flow Insight analyzes customer flow and behavior in complex, multi-channel customer journeys. It then presents retailers and other consumer-facing organizations such as retail financial institutions, healthcare providers, and education and government organizations with valuable, actionable insights regarding their “business moments of truth” with customers.

Q-Flow Insight is a part of Q-nomy’s market leading Q-Flow solution suite, which includes smart appointment scheduling, check-in and queue management, customer relations, business process optimization and other advanced, business-enhancement features.

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