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Q-nomy launches Q-flow 6.2

Published on
January 8, 2019
Q-nomy launches Q-flow 6.2

Q-nomy Inc. today announced the release of Q-Flow version 6.2, the newest member of the Q-Flow 6 platform family.

Q-Flow 6.2 addresses the needs of organizations running complex, critical customer-centric processes, involving physical and digital customer interactions. The software handles the most intricate processes, such as dynamic omnichannel customer journeys, back-office workflow, and the exchange of information between customers and the organization. The new version puts an emphasis on tightening the connectivity between all these different elements, ensuring ultimate efficiency in both serving the customer and maintaining the data collected in the process.

Q-Flow has also been further optimized in version 6.2 to run on cloud environments, such as Microsoft Azure, ensuring maximum scalability and efficient use of cloud resources.

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