Q-nomy launches new version of MyVisit app and website

Published on
April 26, 2016

Q-nomy Inc. announced it has launched the latest version of myVisit™, an app that lets people conveniently access their favorite service providers. myVisit assists users in locating a store, scheduling appointments, checking in upon arrival, and handling their place in queue until an agent is ready to meet them. myVisit also issues reminders and provides helpful, visit-related information.

myVisit enables a true omni channel customer experience and cross-channel journey and helps to increase sales by offering people an immediate channel to schedule an appointment with a sales person, and to reduce wait-time peaks by directing customers to a branch with shorter lines.

Using Q-nomy's cloud platform, myVisit can also be accessed online as a regular website, supporting organizations in providing consumers with a seamless transition between digital channels (e.g., websites, ecommerce and mobile platforms) and physical channels such as stores and branches.

myVisit is the consumer-facing app of Q-nomy's Enterprise Customer Visit Management Solution, which includes Q-nomy's Appointment Scheduling Software for setting up, configuring, and managing agent calendars and resource availability and other advanced scheduling, check-in and customer flow features.

Read what Microsoft has to say about myVisit in this Microsoft Solution Case Study (DOCX file)

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