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Q-nomy is now a Microsoft cloud partner

Published on
April 24, 2016
Q-nomy is now a Microsoft cloud partner

Q-nomy today announced it is offering its Q-Flow® customer journey and business optimization platform on Microsoft Azure.

Q-nomy's Q-Flow enables organizations to interactively engage customers and optimize their flow across all channels (online, mobile and physical), and improve business processes that entail complex multi-channel interactions and customer-facing activities.

Offering Q-Flow on Azure will enable organizations to have a flexible and easy-to-manage alternative to on-premises installations.

What does that mean for Q-flow?

Q-Flow Central is a cloud-based platform provided by Q-nomy that serves as a secure and easy link between businesses running Q-Flow, and those businesses customers. For example, it’s Q‑Flow Central that enables services such as myVisit mobile application, myVisit Chatbot, and other applications, both out-of-the-box and customized.

Until recently Q-Flow Central existed as a single server, located at one of Q-nomy's Microsoft Azure sites in Europe. Q-Flow Central has passed rigorous penetration tests, and benefits from Microsoft's trusted security record. However, while proven a safe technology, many organizations need their cloud services to be hosted on a server located in their country – either due to government regulations, or due to organizational policies.

In a move recently announced to its business partners, Q-nomy now supports hosting Q‑Flow Central services in any Azure Region. For example, a bank located in the US can connect to a Q-Flow Central Regional Server, running on an Azure server located in the US. The bank's clients would be able to enjoy online appointment scheduling, safe and efficient communications with the banker, and other components of the omni channel customer experience provided by Q-nomy, all while connecting to a local cloud server, complying with local regulations.

This lets our customers — anywhere in the world — run Q-Flow mobile applications that can be accessed by their customers who are also located anywhere in the world.

So now when we say you can get Q-Flow anywhere, we really mean anywhere.

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