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Q-nomy announces Q-flow 6.1

Published on
September 5, 2017
Q-nomy announces Q-flow 6.1

Q-nomy Inc. announced today the upcoming release of Q-Flow® 6. Q-Flow is Q-nomy's flagship product, a complete platform for managing customer experiences, omni-channel customer journeys, and supporting business processes.

Version 6.0 follows a long line of releases in the Q-Flow 5.x product family, stretching back nearly 9 years. Q-Flow 5 was revolutionary at the time and having acquired a reputation for robustness, scalability and flexibility, it became an industry leading solution, adopted by some of the world's largest service providers. However Q-Flow 6 now promises to be a major step up in terms of usability and performance, and provides a powerful new platform for delivering solutions for the most demanding of business challenges.

Having already been presented to selected Q-nomy business partners and integrators, Q-Flow 6 commercial release will be made available to customers and prospects starting January 2017.

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