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Q-nomy Announces New Customer Feedback Feature

Published on
November 16, 2023
Q-nomy Announces New Customer Feedback Feature

Q-nomy announced new features designed to collect and utilize customer feedback, added to its Cubu SaaS software solution. This strategic move signifies the company's ongoing commitment to bridging connections between businesses and their customers.

A pivotal feature in the latest update is the ability to gather feedback at the end of each customer interaction. This ensures a comprehensive understanding of the customer's experience, right from the service itself to the closing interactions.

Once feedback is collected, Q-nomy's software solutions intelligently automate responses based on the customers' ratings. For customers who give low scores, the system can automatically send out a follow-up message—this could be an apology or an invitation for the customer to return, allowing the business to provide a better experience on their next visit.

Conversely, when customers provide high feedback scores, the system recognizes these satisfied customers as potential brand ambassadors. It promptly sends out an invite to them to rank the business on Google or other ranking sites, helping increase the business's online visibility and reputation.

In addition, the solution includes a reporting feature to present and analyze customer feedback statistics. Businesses can leverage this data to gain insights into customer satisfaction levels and drive continuous improvement in their service delivery.

These new features further strengthen Q-nomy's solutions, enabling businesses to foster enhanced relationships with their customers through intelligent, automated responses to feedback.

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