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Customer Flow Management Software

Q-nomy’s Customer Flow Management software is a central-server solution that provides all your branches with advanced customer reception, queuing, routing and interaction management tools to optimize the customer journey, with optional appointment scheduling and staff planning applications. 

The system ensures optimal customer experience across all your walk-in centers, which may be tuned towards either sale/service level goals, or cost-saving and process streamlining. Real time monitoring, alerts and reports ensure managers at all levels stay on top of their KPI’s. 


Benefits and Advantages

Benefits of Our Customer Journey Software:

  • Streamlines your customer flow and branch operation.
  • Improves the level of service, enables focused improvement for specific customer segments and services.
  • Entertains waiting customers with integrated digital signage.
  • Increases sales by leveraging digital advertising, customer satisfaction and agent sale-tips.

Unique advantages of Q‑nomy Customer Flow Management:

  • Central server can be scaled up from a single point-of-service to any number of branches.
  • Rapid deployment of self-service scheduling, hosted by us or on your website.
  • Easy maintenance: remote configuration of system, no need to install software at agent counters.
  • Complete flexibility to match any business requirement.

Main Features

  • Q‑nomy's Queue Management system manages queues for all locations and for all services.
  • Q‑nomy's Appointment Management manages customer appointments, ensuring customers are correctly prioritized, where and when applicable.
  • Q‑nomy's Store Campaign Management combines relevant information for waiting customers with advertised content.
  • Q‑nomy's Staff Optimization establishes the number of agents required, on every day and hour, using customer flow statistics.
  • Administrator interface for configuring reception points, group roles and agent permissions, customer routing logic, sale-tips logic, digital signage and print layout, and more.
  • Agent interface for queue management functions, interaction management and documentation, statistics and alerts view.
  • Agent sale-tips, presents recommendations for conveying promotional messages to customers during interaction.
  • Customer management interface allows viewing and editing customer details and interaction history.
  • Manager interface allows viewing online reports and statistics, drilling down to see more detail and analysis, agent management and branch performance control.
  • Alert notifications inform agents and managers about exceptional events such as long waiting times, VIP customer arrival, not enough counters open and so forth.
  • CRM integration enable smart routing of customers depending on segment, value and profile.
  • Automatic flow management enables multi-step processes to be predetermined based on customer requests or agent decisions; the resulting transfer from one service to the next is enforced by the system.
  • Back-office workflow management allows managing and integrating offline processes such as form processing, product repair, test results, examinations and so forth with the customer flow management.
  • Scalable to any number of branches, departments, services and agents.
  • All configuration settings are parameter based, require no programming, are done remotely from the server and affect all branches immediately.
  • Additional programming that enables enhanced business logic and smarter interfaces is embedded as scripts – never altering the basic product code, which minimizes test procedures, speeds up development and ensures a rapid response to business needs.
  • All user interfaces are Web-based, easy to use and linked to online contextual help pages.


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