Building a Community of Developers

Q-nomy's approach to Customer Journey Optimization is simple: customers and their journeys differ significantly between industries, geographies, and service types. Therefore, we do not try to force a uniform solution upon all these different organizations, instead, we focus on building the most robust and flexible platform for managing customer-centric processes – "Q‑Flow" – and let partners who are closer to the market carry out local implementations.

Earlier this month, Q-nomy held its annual developers conference. Our partners sent their programmers and implementation specialists to deepen their Q-Flow knowledge. This year's highlight was Q-Flow Customer Interaction Management, a field in which we greatly invested for the latest version of Q-Flow, as it significantly enhances the customer experience during the journey.

In addition, the event captured its audience’s attention when covering the subjects of developing Q-Apps and sharing them on Q-Market. Q-Market is our partners' main channel for bringing their customizations to the respective market, bridging the gap between the basic platform and specific requirements.

We trust that the end result of such developer events will be a fuller realization of Q-Flow’s potential and successful delivery of more solutions that enhance omnichannel customer journeys. This should be conducive to the businesses' ability to serve their customers in the most efficient and satisfying way.