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    • Date May 14, 2018
    You Can Now Get Q-Flow Anywhere – And We Really Mean Anywhere

    Q-Flow Central is a cloud-based platform provided by Q-nomy that serves as a secure and easy link between businesses running Q-Flow, and their customers. In a move recently announced to its business partners, Q-nomy now supports hosting Q‑Flow Central services in any Azure Region.

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    • Date Apr. 03, 2018
    An Inexpensive Start to a Positive Customer Experience

    When customers arrive at any walk-in service facility, some form of check-in is required to set them off on their "customer journey". Most service providers aim to have some form of self-service technology for checking in. Kiosks were once the default, but they have some major drawbacks...

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    • Date May 06, 2015

    After more than a decade of operating strictly as a B2B vendor, delivering enterprise software solutions, the growing use of Q-nomy's "myVisit" mobile app is bringing us closer than ever to consumers. And even though our clients are still the businesses – once these businesses offer the app to their end-customers, we become part of the B2B2C chain, whether we want it or not. And yes, we want it!

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