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    • Date Jul. 13, 2021
    The Value of Appointment-Based Services: A Post Pandemic Behavior Requirement

    The world has changed over the last 18 months – and many of the improved transactional changes are here to stay. Consumers now demand seamless digital experiences, including scheduling appointments online.

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    • Date Jan. 04, 2021
    What is Omni-Service?

    A lot has been discussed about an omnichannel service strategy, which organizations should adopt for seamless sales and services experience. Omni-Service is a strategy focusing on human interaction thru various digital channels enabling the service agent, salesperson, and managers, to deliver outstanding customer experience in a straightforward way.  

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    • Date Feb. 25, 2020
    Scheduling a phone call with a customer?  Why not?

    Whether you are a service provider for the telecom industry, financial services, healthcare, or other customer-facing sectors, you are likely already aware of the need for appointment scheduling. If you are running a call center, however, chances are you just attend to call as they come. Well, maybe it's time to start thinking about scheduling phone calls as well...

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    • Date Feb. 04, 2020
    Enhancing your Digital Customer Experience with BPM

    Telecommunication service providers today are facing many challenges that are critical to the success and possible survival of their business, including effectively implementing a digital transformation strategy and providing exceptional customer experience.

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    • Date Dec. 20, 2017
    Using Chatbots to Enhance User Experience – and the Customer Experience Too!

    Bots as a concept are no longer news, as many organizations employ this technology with varying degrees of success. At Q-nomy, we constantly strive to uncover innovative and interesting uses to available technologies...

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    • Date Nov. 29, 2016
    BPM 2 CIM Part 1:

    Our approach to handling and communicating customer-oriented business processes, is fully implemented with the new Q-Flow 6 platform. Q-nomy's BPM module has indeed reached a high level of maturity in version 5.9, now "BPM 2 CIM" takes the solution to the next level...

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    • Date Jul. 14, 2016
    Why Appointment Scheduling is Vital for Omni Channel Retail

    The transition between digital and physical channels is a particularly challenging part of the omni-channel journey. It’s important to make it as smooth as possible. Regardless of the specific line of business...

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    • Date Apr. 04, 2016
    Store Visit Conversions, Precisely

    So, you're an omni-channel retailer: you are running a network of digital and physical channels. Your customers can begin their journey just about anywhere on the network, and finish it – hopefully with a sale, or a satisfactory service interaction – also just about anywhere.

    In the virtual world of online channels, tracking customers is easy. Everything is electronic, everything is part of the IT ecosystem, and everything can be recorded and analyzed. But what about the physical customer journey? More specifically, how could businesses track online-to-store conversions, such as when customers shop and browse information online, then continue their purchase in-store?

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