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    • Date Jul. 31, 2023
    Q-Flow: The Robust Solution for Appointment Scheduling and Queue Management

    Q-Flow is a powerful solution for appointment scheduling and queue management, designed with the robustness, scalability, and security needed for large-scale deployments. It has been successfully deployed in vast enterprises, demonstrating its ability to handle massive demand while delivering superior customer experiences.

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    • Date Feb. 01, 2023
    Breaking Down Barriers: How Q-Flow 6.3 SP2 Empowers Disabled Users in the Workplace

    At Q-nomy, we understand the importance of accessibility in the workplace. Our mission is to provide solutions that help businesses and organizations perform better by streamlining processes and enhancing customer experiences. This is why we are proud to announce the release of Q-Flow 6.3 SP2, which puts accessibility at the forefront for disabled users

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    • Date Aug. 26, 2020
    Going Live Quicker With Q-Flow 6.3

    Q-nomy's Q-Flow V6.3, released last week, focuses on speed. More precisely, it focuses on enabling organizations to set up their solutions and go live quicker than ever before. Because we're living at a time when agility, and the ability to adapt to rapid changes, can make or break a business.

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    • Date Nov. 27, 2018
    Q-nomy conference 2018 select moments (3): Q-Flow 6.2

    To conclude the series of posts on the Q-nomy annual conference held in November 2018, we’ll cover the announcement of Q-Flow 6.2, the latest addition to the Q-Flow 6 family.

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    • Date Nov. 13, 2017
    Back from Barcelona – Notes from the Q-nomy Conference

    Q-nomy's annual conference is now a tradition, dating back to 2008, making this year's event the very festive 10th conference! In a manner suitable to such an occasion, it was a particularly exciting gathering of the business leadership and technology experts of Q-nomy and its main channel partners.

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    • Date Sep. 05, 2017
    Never Resting On Our Laurels: Announcing Q-Flow 6.1

    Q-Flow 6.0 that was launched earlier this year has revolutionized customer journey management. Today, we are moving forward with Q-Flow 6.1...

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    • Date Mar. 07, 2017
    Customer Interaction Management Goes Omnichannel with Q-Flow 6

    SMS reminders for appointments, Emails with personalized brochures, and of course audio-visual communications over digital signage in the waiting room, are only a small part of the range of communication channels managed by Q-Flow almost since its first commercial release. Nowadays, however, CIM is undergoing a major evolution...

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    • Date Feb. 02, 2017
    Welcome, Q-Flow 6: A New Suite of Software Products

    We've been preparing you for the launch of Q-Flow 6 since November last year, and now it is finally happening! And it's not just one product – today we are actually launching a whole new family of products. Yes, Q-Flow has become so big that we cannot fit its many functions and capabilities into just one product...

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    • Date Jan. 17, 2017
    Business Process Management Gets More Personal With Q-Flow 6

    Q-nomy's focus has always been on delivering value through the front-end of the business, by enhancing the customer experience. While doing so, we keep in mind the importance of back-office processes that are required to support front-end service delivery. 

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    • Date Jan. 03, 2017
    Appointment Scheduling Gets Better With Q-Flow 6

    Appointment Scheduling is one of the key user experiences Q-nomy addresses. Now, with the release of Q-nomy's Q-Flow 6, it gets even better. "Better" as in "Show-me-the-money" better...

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