Appointment Scheduling App

Q-nomy’s appointment scheduling app allows customers to plan their visits to your stores or branches. The app assists users throughout the entire process – starting at locating a branch, scheduling the appointment, and receiving reminders and information, until they actually arrive for their meeting.

The quickest way for your business to offer online and mobile appointment scheduling is to sign up for Q-nomy's myVisit™ app, a public service allowing users to conveniently access their favorite service providers and book their own appointments. However, if you prefer a more customized approach, Q-nomy’s mobile app platform can be customized to your specific requirements.


Benefits and Advantages


  • Offer customers easy access to your branches, anywhere.
  • Increase sales by offering customers an immediate channel to schedule an appointment with a sales person.
  • Reduce the cost of booking appointment by making the entire process self-service.

Unique advantages of Q‑nomy's Appointment Scheduling App

  • Single mobile interface for all branch-access functions: branch locator, appointment scheduling, and even check-in and queue management.
  • Lowest cost for achieving fully functional appointment management app or queue management app.
  • Start off with the myVisit™ App, migrate to a tailor-made app when the business grows or app usage increases.

Main Features

  • Q-nomy's Online Appointment Scheduling Software for setting up, configuring, and managing agent calendars and resource availability.
  • Q-nomy's mobile applications platform offers mobile users the option to schedule and check in for appointments.
  • A secure and easy link between end-users and the organization's scheduling and customer flow system.
  • Self-service appointment scheduling, reviewing, re-scheduling and cancellation.
  • A store locator, including map search, service-type based search, nearest branch search, shortest wait-time search and more.
  • Confirmations and text reminders automatically sent to mobile phone.
  • A ready-to-use "public" mobile app, which allows end-users to browse all organizations subscribed to it, and book appointments with them.
  • An optional "private" mobile app, which allows end-users access only to a specific organization.
  • An API for easy implementation of either a customized standalone app, or the integration of the platform's functions into an existing app.
  • Optional data integration with Microsoft Exchange/Outlook/3rd party appointment scheduling systems.
  • Self-service Web application for PC/Tablet offering similar functionality for seamless user experience at home and anywhere.
  • Scalable to any number of branches, departments, services and agents.
  • All configuration settings are parameter based, require no programming, and done remotely from server affecting all branches immediately.
  • Mobile app available for download from popular operating systems' app stores.


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