Analytics Wanted!

The Q-Flow database is a wonderful source of information for managers; information about customer experience, staff performance, process throughput, quality of service, efficiency of operations, and resource utilization. All this bounty is located in one place, recorded and indexed in context, and can be integrated with other IT systems.

The key to converting this data mine into knowledge that’s meaningful and actionable is analytics.

Analytics, defined as "the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data" are attainable through specialized software tools. Analytics help businesses use Q‑Flow data in multiple ways. For example, optimizing resources to support predicted demand for services; deciding on effective architectures for service channels; defining criteria for case routing in back-office operations and much more.

Q-nomy provides the infrastructure for the data analysis by making available to its technology partners a clear mapping of the application database, as well as offering basic BI tools such as Q-Flow Insight.

Q-nomy is already working with a number of analytics teams to tap into this potential. One of the teams is from Analytikus, a consulting firm specializing in analytics, which is developing a number of predictive analysis models for different vertical markets that are based on Q-Flow data.

Q-nomy welcomes anyone who wishes to partner with us in developing new analysis tools that benefit our clients. If you're in the business of analytics, contact us!


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