Virtual Lobby

A Customer's Journey begins at the lobby; a digital customer journey begins at the Virtual Lobby.

Q-nomy's Virtual Lobby application provides a secure, personal space for customers waiting for a service appointment over video or any other digital channel. It can even support in-store / in-person customer interactions, replacing the traditional check-in kiosk.


The Digital Waiting Room

The Virtual Lobby adds a mobile, digital waiting room to the Q-Flow customer flow management solution, enhancing the customer experience with useful, personalized functionality:

  • Check customers into a scheduled appointment or any available queue, and provide them a "digital ticket".
  • Notify customers when their turn arrives and an agent is ready to meet.
  • Launch a video appointment when both agent and customer are ready.
  • When used for in-store service management, the virtual lobby replaces expensive kiosks, ticket printers and digital signage.


A Personal Space for Customers

The Virtual Lobby offers more than just real-time customer experience: it is also a personal space where customers can plan and manage their future appointments.

  • Customer privacy is safeguarded via secure identification and authentication.
  • Customers can see details of any future appointments scheduled for them.
  • Customers can re-schedule or cancel any upcoming appointment.

An Extensible Customer Experience Platform

Like the rest of the Q-Flow software platform, Q-nomy's Virtual Lobby excels at providing users with countless customization options.

  • Customize the look and feel of the lobby to match the service provider's website, mobile apps, and general brand style guide.
  • Enhance the customer experience with online information, advertising, entertainment, links, and more content.
  • Benefit from the software's upgrade path as Q-Flow customer journey management continues to evolve, and the Virtual Lobby evolves with it.


Jumpstart Your Customer Journey with the Virtual Lobby!

Q-nomy can set up the best starting point for your customers' experience:

Launching your customized Virtual Lobby
Integrating the Virtual Lobby with your Q-Flow-enabled Omnichannel Customer Service
Delivering a turnkey solution, including your branded virtual lobby and online appointment booking, along with customer journey and back-office process management that are optimized to your business needs.


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