The Value of Appointment-Based Services: A Post Pandemic Behavior Requirement

The world has changed over the last 18 months – and many of the improved transactional changes are here to stay. Forced to adjust during the pandemic, customers have significantly shifted their behavior to online transactions when at home - shopping, banking, electronic communications, and telehealth – just to name a few. With a much more technology-driven mindset after adapting to a digital-focused existence, consumers now demand seamless digital experiences, including scheduling appointments online.

Online appointment scheduling is easier than ever, with 24/7/365 access to setting appointments based on user convenience. A full 35% of appointments are booked between the hours of 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. Waiting in line is not an option for many consumers – nor is waiting on hold to schedule an appointment. Efficient scheduling allows a minimum of wait times – for both customers and service representatives.


Building Relationships Leads to More Positive Interactions

As the world gets back to normal, customers continue to seek positive and engaging experiences, including those that require face-to-face interactions. The ability to set appointments with specific individuals will allow relationships to grow, build over time, and establish trust – which leads to improved experiences, positive interactions, and organizational growth.


Accelerate Business Growth with Ease of Appointment Scheduling

While foot traffic has decreased for bank transactions that can quickly happen online such as bank deposits or account updates, higher-level services such as financial advising assistance will continue to occur in bank branches, requiring an appointment. Self-scheduling an appointment is convenient but also a positive strategy for growth. Recent financial institution data shows a 90% increase in new account growth, thanks to strong customer engagement during scheduled appointments. 


Q-nomy Supports Telecom Giant with Appointment Scheduling

The world’s largest telecommunications company, AT&T, contacted Q-nomy for assistance with advanced appointment scheduling for their 2,300 stores with 24/7 online scheduling support. Customer service excellence was a requirement, as well as high-performing scheduling capabilities in a multi-channel scheduling system – and automatic setup. Learn more about AT&T’s success in reducing repeat visits and increasing customer satisfaction.   


Learn More about the Value of Online Appointment Scheduling

With dedicated technology to support both bank appointment scheduling and telecom appointment scheduling software, Q-nomy’s team of customer journey experts address every aspect of the scheduling experience. Our team improves your customer's experiences with efficient and effective appointment scheduling for both digital and physical channels. Depending on each individual’s needs, customers can find the best location for their appointment – with online or mobile access to geo-specific search capabilities. The customer-centric appointment scheduling software will also assign the most suitable agent for their specific needs. Learn more about how Q-nomy can provide the flexibility you need to match any business requirement.