The Customer Journey Hub: Q-Flow Virtual Lobby

Have you ever waited to get serviced at a bank, government office, or another service center where you take a number only to think, “why can’t this be done on my phone like everything else?” 

You’re in luck because these time-consuming lines can be avoided: Q-nomy’s Virtual Lobby does just that. 

The Virtual Lobby is a mini-site that looks similar to a mobile application. It provides an environment of a waiting room for customers who booked an appointment and are waiting to receive the service, whether physically at the organization or at home through a phone/video call, and complements the Q-Flow Omni Service.

The customer receives a unique personal link to the Virtual Lobby page through one of the organization's communication channels, as defined in Q-Flow as an SMS message or e-mail. When clicking on that link, the customer is redirected to check in to the queue, see his/her ticket with the queue number, and receives messages about the queueing process. The customer can also cancel an appointment, reschedule it, or return to the queue if they missed the call to service and were considered absent. The customer may also join a video meeting if they scheduled a remote appointment.

This service may replace or complement the kiosk stationed at the organization and act as a replacement for the digital signage/Info page. The info page will contain all the information about the appointment, its status in the queue, and all the messages displayed on the customer's device. The virtual lobby works in conjunction with Q-Flow, therefore all status changes and processes performed by an agent about a customer's appointment are immediately displayed to the customer in the virtual lobby. 

Q-nomy's Virtual Lobby thus becomes an essential part of the digital transformation of any service organization. Whether it's e-banking or e-government, or even that part of the process that still requires meeting in person, this latest Q-Flow application is the hub of the customer journey.

For those of us who tend to be fashionably late, don’t like to wait in long lines, or prefer to do some last-minute shopping while the queue minimizes and gets to us, Q-nomy’s Virtual Lobby allows for that to happen.