Telefonica - Success Story

Q-nomy provided Telefónica a centralized customer-flow management system that helped administer corporate-wide service level standards, measure branch performance and improve agent productivity across Central America.


About Telefónica

Telefónica is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world in terms of market capitalization and number of customers. The company has a significant presence in 21 countries and a customer base that amounts to more than 316.1 million accesses around the world. Telefónica has strong presence in Spain, Europe and in Latin America—where the company leverages an important segment of its growth strategy.


The Challenge

Telefónica had used for more than 10 years simple customer-flow systems for administration and control of their Service Branches. However, with a growing market in Central America, the company needed to change their branch administration and control model to an efficient, personalized service model.

Since the less-sophisticated customer flow systems relied on locally installed components, Telefonica found it impossible to use them to govern employees and service performance indicators based on corporate-wide standards. This resulted in inconsistent levels of service between different branches, and rendered service-level administration based on customer segmentation impossible.

Having identified and defined the technical challenge, Telefónica’s management had set the following goals for a service center management system:

  • Centralize the administration and operation of the customer flow management systems
  • Implement a homogeneous, standard model to measure Service Levels and agent productivity
  • Integrate databases to develop service schemes based on client segmentation

In obtaining these goals, Telefonica aimed to improve customer relations as well as create a better and fairer working environment for customer service representatives.


The Solution

Q-nomy provided a complete solution, comprising of Q-Flow® Customer Experience Optimization platform with customization based on Telefónica’s needs. The pilot initially encompassed 16 branches, but shortly after was expanded to full deployment in El Salvador, Nicaragua and Guatemala. Mexico, Panama and Costa Rica joined in subsequent years. Today, Q-nomy's software provides Telefónica stores with the following:

  • Q-nomy's Customer Flow Management module.
  • Q-nomy's Alert Engine, which provides managers with real-time alerts regarding customer service issues that require their attention.
  • Exchange Bridge, which is used for appointment-data integration.
  • Additional hardware required for communicating with customers (Self-service kiosks, wall-mounted displays etc.).


The Results

After two years in use, the system’s impact was clear—all goals set by management were fully accomplished:

  • Service Level has improved from 60% to 85% of arriving customers served in less than 15 minutes.
  • Central managers are in complete control of remote branches, and maintain high levels of service and efficiency. For example, managers make staffing decisions based on real-time information from Q-Flow online reports, such as moving agents between branches to balance workload.
  • Customer Service executives use Q-Flow to produce daily, weekly and monthly reports. These enterprise-level reports are used, among other objectives, to promote competitiveness by electing top branches and top regions.
  • Telefonica Centralized Customer Database has been integrated with Q-Flow, enabling the administration of customer relations based on segmentation and service history.

Luis Flores Tista, Telefónica Centers Manager in Central America, said: “Q-nomy's solution provides powerful and efficient tools for Telefónica to control our level of service, and enables us to manage customer relations in an outstanding way.”

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