Scheduling a phone call with a customer? Why not?

Whether you are a service provider for the telecom industry, financial services, healthcare, or other customer-facing sectors, you are likely already aware of the need for appointment scheduling. If you are running a call center, however, chances are you just attend to call as they come. Well, maybe it's time to start thinking about scheduling phone calls. The customer support options in our software solution will improve your customer experience from scheduling a call to the final step of their service request.

Why? Well, the same reasoning behind scheduling physical appointments applies to a call center. It allows you to plan your agents' time more accurately and efficiently. It helps to reduce issues related to peak-time overloads, such as long waits, and stressed agents who are dealing with high volumes and may be prone to errors.

It also helps the optics from the customer services side of our business. Customers are in control of their time and not waiting to speak to a service agent for long periods. Although we're sure you play very lovely music while they wait, most of them would probably prefer to just talk to the agent.

Imagine being able to have the right number of agents in service all the time! They will have advance notice of their call volumes and be able to prepare more efficiently.  Also, imagine how happy your customers will be that they speak to an agent and get their issue resolved at their convenience.

Implementing a call-center scheduling system is quite simple:

  • Take a good enterprise-grade appointment booking software;
  • Use it to let your customers schedule their call online, just like scheduling a doctor's appointment;
  • Send appointment data to your outgoing telephony system (like the one used to automate outbound marketing calls).

If this doesn't sound simple to you, perhaps you're not familiar with Q-nomy's scheduling solution. Telco's, banks, medical centers, and other service providers already use Q-nomy software to book appointments for all manner of customer interaction and service provisioning, be it with face-to-face service agents, field technicians, video agents, or with an appropriately skilled agent at the Call Center.