Safety Measures That Will Boost Your Customer Experience Long After The Pandemic

Most service providers are now taking steps to reopen their customer service locations or shops under the strict regulations of public health and social distancing.

When examined closely, it becomes apparent many of these steps make sense from a business perspective regardless of the current constraints. And, they're not even seen as long-term investment, as they can cut costs very quickly.

  • Appointment Scheduling is probably the first step in the required business transformation. Service providers are forced to ask customers to book their visits in advance, even for services where once one would simply walk into a store.

The Covid-19-related reason is, of course, the need to plan your capacity and avoid lines and congestion.

And yet, the value of shorter waiting and less crowded service or retail spaces is always positive. It creates a better customer experience and a smoother journey. In retail, it is likely to generate more sales.

  • Queue Management is also being adopted in locations where once, a customer would just walk in and talk to staff. Businesses now need to do this in order to manage their capacity and avoid in-store congestion, in cases where some or all of the customers would not find appointment scheduling viable.

And again, this leads to a better waiting experience and an earlier engagement with customers – as soon as they interact with the queue system, even before meeting any staff.

  • Video Appointments and other digital communications are now offered by more service providers, as alternatives to meeting in person. The health benefits of this more remote form of interaction is clear.

But even after we return to Business As Usual, the benefits of online interactions remain: saving customers' time, means they would be more relaxed, and so the conversation can start off on the right foot.


Taking these steps is therefore highly beneficial for the business, offering greater efficiency, a better customer experience, and more sales. So while it's difficult to associate anything positive with the menacing health crisis we are all facing now, at least businesses should know that measures such as the aforementioned, will remain beneficial in the future.

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