Going Live Quicker With Q-Flow 6.3

Q-nomy's Q-Flow V6.3, released last week, focuses on speed. More precisely, it focuses on enabling organizations to set up their customer experience solutions and go live quicker than ever before. Because we're living at a time when agility, and the ability to adapt to rapid changes, can make or break a business.

Some projects are inherently simple – at least, simple in Q-Flow terms (it is, after, a system capable of delivering solutions to extremely complicated requirements). For this type of projects, we're enabling quicker configuration:

  • The new Codeless Kiosk offers the most frequently used features of Q-Flow's self-service interface, in a simple packaging that can be deployed in no time, and requires no technical expertise to set up.
  • The new Branding Center enables immediate adjustment of all customer-facing interfaces across the system, such as kiosks, digital signage, and print-outs, to a unified branded scheme.

Then, there are projects where some custom programming is used to further enhance the software's customer journey management capabilities. We have taken care of developers too, and provided in Q-Flow 6.3 a new code editor. With the new editor, programmers enjoy faster, more natural navigation, and they can also speed up their writing with code auto-completion and symbol navigation.

It was important for us to help expedite both simple and complex implementations – because we wish to provide the best solution to customers looking for a quick solution, as well as those who chose Q-flow for its unparalleled flexibility.