Customer Service in the Time of Corona

As the world faces the implications of the coronavirus outbreak, customer service managers now have to deal with a particular challenge. Despite digital transformation strategies, many businesses still rely on face-to-face interactions to set essential activities in motion, such as signing important contracts or customer authentication.

Today customers might be a bit more reluctant to show up at a service center or other crowded facility, which is causing businesses to rethink in-person interactions. Q-nomy provides virtual and scheduled interactions to help companies continue to offer their services while keeping business and health top of mind.


The Health Benefits of Appointment Scheduling

The operational efficiencies of appointment scheduling are well known. It increases productivity and improves the customer experience, but today there are also some health benefits of booking appointments in advance. Customers who book an appointment ahead of time spend less time in crowded waiting rooms, reducing the chance of exposure to the virus (or any other disease).

In addition, the waiting areas naturally become less crowded when customers arrive in time for their appointments rather than just queue up and wait.


The Health Benefits of Video Appointments

For many service providers, a video call provides the personalization, authentication, and eye contact that face-to-face interactions offer – minus the risk of exposure to contagious disease.

Depending on the nature of your business, certain additional technologies may be needed to complement your video platform. For instance, you may need to add reliable digital authentication and integrate your video calls into a broader omnichannel solution. These are standard requirements nowadays, and solutions are available in abundance.


The Bottom Line

Your business can still operate, and even excel, as global health concerns mount. Learn more: