Chatbots: From Conversation to Transaction – Part 2

In the previous post, we wrote about the use of chatbot technology by retailers and service providers, and mentioned that Q-nomy has been studying what value chatbots can bring to users in the context of the omnichannel.

We learned that chatbot conversations often end up with the user resorting to human agent support. When this happens in the form of chatbot-to-Human Chat conversion, data is readily available as users remain on the same channel; a recent study found that 14% of chatbot conversations lead to human-based chat. Data concerning the transfer to entirely separate channels, such as physical stores or service centers is not that easy to obtain or maintain. Yet it makes sense that for organizations who have physical locations the bot-to-physical transfer should be a fairly common scenario — either as a negative or positive outcome. For example, when the bot fails to prevent the need to visit a service center (negative), or when the bot motivates or the customer to visit the store and make a purchase (positive).

Thinking positively, we created the myVisit Chatbot. This bot uses AI to converse with users and enables them to quickly book an appointment at a physical store or branch, similar to our myVisit Mobile App.

myVisit Chatbot uses the latest AI technologies; service providers can easily adapt this chatbot to their specific use cases, and extend it to include additional relevant capabilities.

myVisit Chatbot offers the following benefits:

  • Provides users with an intuitive alternative to structured appointment-scheduling interfaces (e.g. a website or a mobile app)
  • When integrated into the service provider's customer-service chatbot, if users are instructed to approach a physical location an appointment can immediately be suggested and booked, which significantly simplifies and enhances the customer experience
  • Provides the business with accurate statistics of customer interactions converted into physical store transactions

Officially announced last week myVisit Chatbot is now available for any organization wishing to experiment with the technology and implement it. Contact us to learn more!