Case Study – Video Call Management at Colfondos


Colfondos (Colfondos S.A. Pensiones y Cesantías) is a Colombian pension fund management service provider that was founded in 1991. Today it is a member of the Habitat group, one of Latin America's largest pension fund managers.


The Challenge

The desire to reach more customers, and to provide them with easier access to service, conflicted with the broad geographic distribution of members, and further limitations on travel and face-to-face services imposed during the pandemic.

Colfondos addressed this challenge by opening more digital channels such as chat and virtual offices. As part of this approach, the business wanted to enable its customers to make video calls with agents, and was looking for a solution that incorporated appointment scheduling, video integration, and great customer experience.


The Solution

Q-nomy partner Issatec provided Colfondos with a solution based on the Q-Flow software platform, which was already being used at Colfondos' service locations since 2017.

The solution included:

  • Q-Flow Calendar, with a fully customized self-service appointment booking interface embedded in the corporate website.
  • Q-Flow Video Call Management, with Microsoft Teams' integration.
  • A complete Omnichannel service, with video and in-person meetings being offered alongside other digital channels.

To promote the new service, Colfondos created a video advertisement, and is urging customers who visit its website to book a virtual appointment instead of making a long trip to a branch.


Results & Benefits

The Q-nomy solution met all of the business requirements and expectations. The result is a complete package that incorporates all the technological tools together with end-to-end customer journey management that also manages the service provider's physical branches.

The solution thus ensures a seamless customer experience, which saves pension owners many hours of travel and waiting. At the same time, the business benefits from efficiency and a minimal cost of ownership.


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