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Philadelphia Gas Works

11 Jan 2022
Philadelphia Gas Works


Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW) is the largest municipally owned natural gas utility in the USA. Established in 1836, PGW provides natural gas energy service and solutions to more than 500,000 residential and commercial customers in the City of Philadelphia.

PGW runs 6 customer service centers in Philadelphia, where customers can open and close accounts, and manage services and payments.

PGW approached Q-nomy with intention to purchase a relatively simple queue management solution – but quickly discovered Q-nomy can deliver a much broader solution for its needs.

The Solution

Q-nomy offered PGW a complete Customer Relationship Management solution, based on the Q-Flow® system. The highlights of the PGW solution include:

  • Queue Management: PGW centers have between 5-10 customer service representatives each, all giving the same set of services.

Q-nomy provided a relatively straight-forward queuing solution, where customers do not need to make any selections at the entrance – they simply push a button and get number tickets.

  • Digital Signage: Utilities need to communicate plenty of information to consumers – safety instructions, savings tips, pricing updates, service messages and more. To this end, PGW had purchased plasma screens for all its branches, and was seeking an effective digital signage software.

Q-nomy offered PGW significant saving and more effective content delivery, by utilizing the plasma displays to combine queuing directions and digital advertising.

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The Results

The solution provided by Q-nomy proved to be a success:

  • Being a highly service-oriented company, PGW management now takes advantage of Q-Flow's reporting capabilities to monitor centers performance, daily and monthly.
  • PGW adopted the Q-Flow based digital signage solution, and purchased additional services from Q-nomy, including advertising and informational content productions.
  • Following the successful implementation of the Queue Management and Digital Advertising components, Q-nomy offered to upgrade PGW's system by implementing the Q-Flow Case Management module (PGW used to manage customer interactions using its billing system, with additional information retrieved from municipal systems. The company did not run its own CRM software).
  • Customer Service Representatives were trained to use Q-Flow to document customer interactions, and the system was re-launched as a complete CRM solution the following year.
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