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Israel Post

11 Jan 2022
Israel Post


Israel Post is a client of Q-nomy since 2008. Today Israel Post operates around 700 branches, most of which are using Q-Flow. Initially, Q-Flow was being used for queue management and digital signage. In 2015, Israel Post began offering Q-Flow Appointment Scheduling services to its customers, using Q-nomy's myVisit™ mobile application, as well as by integrating myVisit services into its corporate website. This move is being considered the single most significant step taken by the postal company in recent years towards improving its customer service experience.

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The first phase of Q-Flow implementation was a major success, typically reducing wait time by a factor of about 1:4 without adding any staff, simply by improving workforce management, as well as expediting the service interactions and reducing the time required for customers to approach the counter.

As a result, typical urban-area branches saw a reduction of wait time from around 1 hour to about 15 minutes on average, with particularly busy branches reducing wait time from over 2 hours to less than 30 minutes.

The second phase, featuring myVisit implementation, yielded further improvement with scheduled customers waiting up to 10 minutes, and often not waiting at all. As a result, Appointment Scheduling was quickly embraced by the public, with over 250,000 post-office appointments currently scheduled each month. Since its launch, more than a quarter of the country's adult population have used myVisit to schedule their visits to the Post Company branches. In July 2016, the Post Company ran a nationwide TV campaign to encourage more customers to use the Appointment Scheduling service.In addition, appointment scheduling helped optimize workforce and processes, aligning them with the real capacity of each branch and channel. This helped improve the service levels even to non-scheduled visitors.

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