Business Process Management Gets More Personal With Q-Flow 6

Q-nomy's focus has always been on delivering value through the front-end of the business, by enhancing the customer experience and streamlining the omni-channel customer journey. While doing so, we keep in mind the importance of back-office processes that are required to support front-end service delivery. Addressing both aspects, we keep on enhancing the BPM and Customer Case Management capabilities of the Q-Flow platform.

We discussed in previous posts two new components included in Q-Flow 6 that clearly make a major contribution to BPM: Connect and Online Forms. We have illustrated how these additions improve process management from the business and technical perspective. But what effect do these elements have on the customer's experience?

First and foremost, we believe processes managed via Q-Flow result in a more personal experience by creating a direct link between the customers through the front-office reps, to the back-end of the business. With Q-Flow Connect and Online Forms, the added cost of communicating more often and more informatively with customers is near zero. As the added cost is negligible, customers can expect to receive more status updates and get more opportunities to ask questions, provide answers, and generally influence the process.

As a secondary effect, back office processes are now part of the omni-channel customer experience! In other words, after successfully connecting physical stores with digital channels, Q-nomy now completes the customer journey by seamless integration of the back end of the business.

Why is that good? Because customers nowadays expect that kind of transparency. Customers feel the service provider cares for them, when it makes the effort to provide that transparency. This creates a deeper customer engagement which in turn produces customers that are happier, more satisfied with their service or shopping experience, and more likely to remain loyal to their service provider, as well as recommend it to others. Yes we are talking NPS – Net Promoter Score.

With Q-Flow 6, the back-office doesn't just support the customer experience – it becomes part of it. And businesses can be confident about making this step, as Q-Flow not only helps them deliver this experience, but ensures it matches and even exceeds customer expectations.