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    • Date Jun. 13, 2022
    The Customer Journey Hub: Q-Flow Virtual Lobby

    The Virtual Lobby is a mini-site that looks similar to a mobile application. It provides an environment of a waiting room for customers who booked an appointment and are waiting to receive the service...

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    • Date May 18, 2022
    Our Recipe for Perfection: Scheduling, With a Side of Visit Management

    As the retail industry grows and advances, the need for a solution that encompasses each aspect of a customer journey becomes more and more necessary. Most retail businesses have added some sort of appointment scheduling tool to their arsenal, but that is no longer enough to sustain and track their progress.

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    • Date May 20, 2020
    Reopening Stores and Service Centers, Safely

    Stores and service centers are now starting to reopen. Businesses and consumers are concerned that required safety measures would render the new customer experience unpleasant. Technology, such as Customer Journey Optimization, can help alleviate some of these fears.

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    • Date May 30, 2018
    Building a Community of Developers

    Earlier this month, Q-nomy held its annual developers conference. Our partners sent their programmers and implementation specialists to deepen their Q-Flow knowledge. We trust that the end result of such developer events will be a fuller realization of Q-Flow’s potential and successful delivery of more solutions that enhance omnichannel customer journeys.

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    • Date Mar. 26, 2018

    Ever since CRM systems took center stage in service providing organizations, the notion of obtaining a "360 degree customer view" became a key part of business strategy. However, obtaining this perfect view of the customer might not be enough...

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    • Date Feb. 05, 2018
    Partners, Join Us On The (Customer) Journey!

    We recently launched an enhanced partners section on our website. This is part of Q-nomy's shift towards a partner-oriented business model, which puts more emphasis on providing the perfect technology and business platform for value-added partnerships.

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    • Date Jan. 17, 2018
    Chatbots: From Conversation to Transaction – Part 2

    In the previous post, we mentioned that Q-nomy has been studying what value chatbots can bring to users in the context of the omnichannel. We learned that chatbot conversations often end up with the user resorting to human agent support. With this in mind, we created the myVisit Chatbot. 

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    • Date Oct. 03, 2017
    Digitize This! Embedding Humans in Digital Banking

    The emergence of fintech and pressures to improve ROI push banks to reduce the number of branches, and to downsize those branches that they do keep. Yet, interactions with customers who visit the branch are not extraneous to digital transformation, and can be optimized with Q-nomy solutions.

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    • Date May 11, 2017
    Make Your Branch Interactions Delightful and Achieve NPS Greatness

    Net Promoter Score, or NPS, gauges a service provider's relationship with its customers. We know how important customer experience is to improving NPS, but how can we practically achieve this? What tools do we have at our disposal to help us obtain NPS greatness?

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    • Date Mar. 30, 2017
    Digitizing Brick and Mortar, for a Purpose

    There are many ways to describe the functions of Q-nomy's Q-Flow®, but in essence, what this unique piece of software does is digitize brick and mortar stores and physical service location. Why is this so important?

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