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    • Date Mar. 02, 2021
    The Long Term Impact of Covid-19 on Government Service Delivery

    Covid-19 has changed the way government provides service to the population, forcing agencies and municipalities to quickly develop processes and technologies that enabled service delivery despite the limitations of social distancing. The big question here is, which of these new processes and technologies would remain in service after the pandemic is over? and what will be their long-term effect?

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    • Date Nov. 02, 2020
    Ensuring Effective Communication When Customer Service Agents Work From Home

    When customer service agents work from home, things get tricky. Service reps never work in isolation, as it is their job definition to be constantly communicating. Here we examine agent communications and suggest methods to ensure they remain effective when working from home.

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    • Date Feb. 04, 2020
    Enhancing your Digital Customer Experience with BPM

    Telecommunication service providers today are facing many challenges that are critical to the success and possible survival of their business, including effectively implementing a digital transformation strategy and providing exceptional customer experience.

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    • Date Apr. 02, 2019
    The Future of Retail Banking

    Financial services and customer-focused banking are experiencing a retail revolution. To optimize the customer experience, a financial service organization needs to understand their customer base now, and in the future.

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    • Date Nov. 27, 2018
    Q-nomy conference 2018 select moments (3): Q-Flow 6.2

    To conclude the series of posts on the Q-nomy annual conference held in November 2018, we’ll cover the announcement of Q-Flow 6.2, the latest addition to the Q-Flow 6 family.

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    • Date Mar. 26, 2018

    Ever since CRM systems took center stage in service providing organizations, the notion of obtaining a "360 degree customer view" became a key part of business strategy. However, obtaining this perfect view of the customer might not be enough...

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    • Date Jun. 21, 2017
    Customer Centric BPM

    What does "Customer Centric BPM Software" mean? What is BPM actually? The answers are revealed in a new video produced by Q-nomy, which you can see right here...

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    • Date Feb. 02, 2017
    Welcome, Q-Flow 6: A New Suite of Software Products

    We've been preparing you for the launch of Q-Flow 6 since November last year, and now it is finally happening! And it's not just one product – today we are actually launching a whole new family of products. Yes, Q-Flow has become so big that we cannot fit its many functions and capabilities into just one product...

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    • Date Jan. 17, 2017
    Business Process Management Gets More Personal With Q-Flow 6

    Q-nomy's focus has always been on delivering value through the front-end of the business, by enhancing the customer experience. While doing so, we keep in mind the importance of back-office processes that are required to support front-end service delivery. 

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    • Date Dec. 05, 2016
    BPM 2 CIM Part 2:

    In part 1 of this article we discussed Q-Flow 6’s Connect module, which enables communication via SMS, email, and other channels. However, sometimes there is a need to obtain information from the customer in a format that is more structured than simple text messages and emails.Q-nomy's answer was to add form-filling functionality...

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