"360° View of the Customer" is great, now what about The Customer's View of You?

Ever since CRM systems took center stage in service providing organizations, the notion of obtaining a "360 degree customer view" became a key part of business strategy, as the concept is thought of as key driver of KPIs related to customer engagement, sales, long-term loyalty, and so on. More recent software technologies enabling aggregation of multiple data sources and big data analysis push providers ever closer to attaining this goal.

However, obtaining this perfect view of the customer might not be enough. See, your customer is not your employee; he does not always behave as expected, even if you think you are doing everything right. To further improve your customer relations and related KPIs, let us propose the following statement:

"CRM can't be just about you getting the 360° view of your customerit needs to also give your customer a 360° view of you"

What does this mean, and how can this idea be put to practice? Well, the key is how to make your customer act more predictably and adhere more closely to your predefined customer journeys.

If you could plan your customer's journey more accurately, and manage it in real-time, then your control over the outcome of each interaction would be much higher – enabling you to take advantage of all the knowledge you have of your customer: you would be able to engage with the customers, delight them, and offer them additional products – at the right time, at the right place, when the conditions are just right.

When you want to gain such level of control over internal staff, the way to go is using BPM – business process management software. To manage your customers similarly, you need a customer-centric BPM, a system that can handle customer journeys just like internal workflow. This is where the customer's view of you becomes so important.

By establishing continuous, transparent, two-way communications with your customers, you can engage them more closely with your planned processes. By keeping them informed, you build their trust in your processes, and then they will follow your instructions, or requests, more closely. This is particularly significant in medical processes, where patients spend much time in long and complex journeys.  But it can be just as important for government, retail, or actually any kind of service organization.

Q-nomy offers the most comprehensive customer journey management solutions, comprising both customer-centric BPM, and omnichannel customer communications – working together to deliver that optimized customer experience, which is the basis for effectively obtaining your KPIs.