Welcome, Q-Flow 6: A New Suite of Software Products

We've been preparing you for the launch of Q-Flow 6 since November last year, and now it is finally happening! And it's not just one product – today we are actually launching a whole new family of products. Yes, Q-Flow has become so big that we cannot fit its many functions and capabilities into just one product!

So we now offer a set of four key products:

Q-Flow AM provides enterprise-grade appointment management. It includes every component required to provide self-service, agent-assisted or outbound appointment scheduling as well as calendar capacity analysis and planning, allocation of resources required for appointments and end-to-end customer communications from the moment of scheduling until visit completion.

Q-Flow QM provides complete in-store/in-branch customer flow management. This includes both the rules engine that ensures smart, skill-based and priority-based routing and queuing of customers as well as the equipment interfaces needed for delivering the in-store experience, such as check-in kiosks, directional digital signage, and audio announcements.

Q-Flow PM provides business process management to back-office operations that support the front-end customer experience. It includes a sophisticated workflow engine, skill-based task management, SLA provisioning and monitoring, and a true customer-centric architecture that ensures back-office processes deliver on promises made by customer-facing staff.

Q-Flow IM provides customer interaction management – the handling of all communication channels, incoming & outgoing messaging, including both free and moderated agent communications as well as semi-automated and fully-automated messaging, and even parsing customer messages to trigger and enrich customer-service processes.

In addition to these four products, we offer specific packages that target specific industries – Q-Flow for Healthcare; Q-Flow for Retail; and Q-Flow for Education. These packages offer in general the same functionality, but come with specific tweaks and adjustments affording a smoother user experience for employees of the particular market segment. And of course, the generic Q-Flow package is available; the configuration that matches all other market segments, such as financial institutions, telecom, and government.

With Q-Flow 6 you are not only getting a seriously upgraded platform, you are also getting focused products that help you choose the package that is right for you.