Getting the Customer to Take a Number

Getting the Customer to Take a Number

When a new queue management system is installed at a location where previously customers used to stand in line or just walk straight up to an available service representative, the situation may initially be confusing.

Customers would not always notice something has changed, and if they do – they might still not be sure what they are supposed to do next.

This article discusses one possible cause for confusion – finding the way to take a number or "check in" to the waiting queue – and suggests some techniques for eliminating it.

Changing the check-in process

When a customer enters for the first time into a service center with which he has no previous acquaintance, he would likely stop and look for directions, maybe trying the information desk before attempting to approach any service counter. He will search for a method, and one of the first things he will try to identify is where and how one enters the waiting line.

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