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Software Solutions for Customer Experience

Q-nomy's complete suite of customer experience optimization and service process management tools can help any business operating a face-to-face customer service facility. Whether you wish to improve the level of service, reduce costs, sell more, or simply provide excellent customer experience and strengthen your brand image, Q-nomy has the right solution for you.

On top of our key markets (telecom, retail, banks, healthcare, government and education), our customer base includes insurance companies, airports and airline operators, utility companies, tourism and driver services, post companies, manufacturing, and in fact – almost every type of service provider.

Considering the fact that all these organizations – large and small, retail oriented and service oriented, businesses and government agencies,– run the exact same Q-nomy platform is the best evidence to the versatility and robustness of our software. Q-nomy's solutions offer an optimal blend of universal out-of-the-box functionality with flexible customization. The Q-nomy platform enables rapid, inexpensive tailoring of business logic and customer-facing UI to suit any business need; making it way more cost effective than developing from scratch, and much more powerful than any other off-the-shelf software.

News & Events

  • Q-nomy’s Customer and Patient Journey Optimization Solutions Are Now On Microsoft AppSource 2018-11-29
  • Q-nomy Solution Improves Customer Flow Management at Queensland Government TMR Service Centers 2018-10-29
  • ACF Technologies Acquires Q-nomy UK to Better Serve the United Kingdom and Europe 2018-09-26
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