Workflow Management System

Q-nomy’s workflow management system helps you manage complex service processes, integrating customer flow optimization and back-office automation.

The solution provides user-friendly tools for staff to manage their tasks and to handle the flow of information and items.  Managers can monitor business processes obtain  performance analysis reports, and get real-time alerts. 


Benefits and Advantages

Benefits of Solution:

  • Organizes your workflow and enforces business rules by managing time, priorities and so forth .
  • Increases process efficiency.
  • Provides performance and throughput data analysis, helping managers streamline workflow and reduce operating costs.

Unique advantages of Q-nomy workflow management:

  • An effective middleware that connects branches, back-offices and other contact centers across the enterprise, achieving total optimization of customer-centric processes.
  • Central server can be scaled from a single department to any number of business units.
  • Works in conjunction with other Q-nomy modules, such as Customer Flow Management, Scheduling, and Retail Task Management, to support and enable Q-nomy Business Process Management.
  • Flexible solution capable of addressing any business requirement. It supports different types of organizations such as government, medical, financial, telecom, retail, and more.

Main Features

  • Workflow Automation – create parameter-based (no programming required) routing rules where the resolution of each step of a process determines the next step, for example, transferring a case to a specific department or agent.
  • Creation of new tasks – can be automated (triggered by internal system events or via interfaces to 3rd party systems) or manual.
  • Workflow control functions – get next task, get specific task, transfer to other agent or team, split a task into a number of lower-level tasks to be handled by different agents, join low-level tasks back into the main workflow, and so forth.
  • Smart routing functions – set business rules for priorities, route to specific agents, put tasks on hold, allow load-balancing between agent groups, and more.
  • Workflow documentation functions – describe task handling using free text or pre-defined transaction codes.
  • Online Reporting – view online staff activity, task waiting time, aggregate (department / branch / region) real-time throughput and performance.
  • Historical Reporting – view statistics based on staff activity, waiting time, aggregate (department / branch / region) throughput and performance parameters.
  • Alerts – send online messages indicating long waiting, long handling duration, inadequate staffing, urgent tasks, or any other rule-based alert, displayed onscreen or sent to email / SMS.
  • Scalable to any size of organization.
  • All user interfaces are Web-based, easy to use and linked to online contextual help pages.


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